Climb the ladder of success.
Fact 1
The higher you go the more it hurts when you fall!
Fact 2
It's hard to fly like an eagle when you hang around with turkeys - if you lie down with dogs - you get up with flees
Fact 3
Success on it's own is impossible to achieve - it is only in the perception. Only by comparing an action to something else can success be 'achieved' .

There are only two outcomes of comparing yourself to others - You realize you are better (pride) or you realize they are better (jealousy or even depression).
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Striving for success seems so honorable - but is it really?
What do you rate success by? How much money you earn? The job position to get? An event going smoothly? People noticing you? Fame?

What drives you is normally much more powerful than they think - some even
neglect their families and friends for 'success'.

What was
really going on deep inside you that causes you to want or even need 'success'?

You see we all have parts of our mind that cause us to do things without our knowing. The
reasons behind these simple choices can expose our true state of being.

true self may be in pain, bored, anxious, stressed, lonely, depressed etc and you don't even know - you just keep doing things to try to avoid it.


If so - what a failure!
Want 2 b FREE?

you don't have to always can find what your true self is
really looking for.

You want (crave) something because you are missing something or trying to avoid something.

Are you lonely, scared, in pain, bored?

What you
really need is below.
Life will never be fulfilling - it will always be empty - until you discover the reason why you were Created. Sure you can get a small fix from what you are looking for - but it doesn't last and leaves you wanting more. You need to be freed from this meaningless life.

Only God can free you. Don't switch off now - I'm not talking religion or some silly chant...but the most profound truth you can realize. You were
designed to be close with God. The One True God - Jesus!. Until you are at one with Him you will be empty, addicted, hopeless and condemned.

Believe it or not you are already on a journey with Jesus! The fact that you are here proves that. It is not coincidence or luck or google that is responsible but God. He loves you & wants you to be free & wants to be your friend, protector, father and wants to save you from a place you probably don't think exists.

He knows what makes you tick, what pains & hurts you have suffered and what is just around the corner.

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HERE to continue on your journey and allow Jesus to convince you beyond doubt of His power & love for you.