Abortion is a hot topic right now. And one that should affect us all.


Fact 1
Imagine a little kitten or puppy, helpless and cute. Then imagine a couple of teenagers cutting it up & killing it. Wouldn't you be angry / sad about it? The question is WHY?

Why should you be angry at such a horrible offence? Because the kitten / puppy has a right to be protected. A right to life without someone else injuring / killing it.

How much more should a human baby, in the comfort and protection of the mothers womb, be protected? This is where the baby grows and gains strength. Just like you did.

You had the protection of your mother, the comfort and nurture of her body. You could say you had the right to it for your life. It was your life, no one took it away from you.

Now, go use that life to help & protect others as it is in danger….(see below)
Fact 2
There is a large, powerful and very vocal crowd that want to rob humans of their rights. Ironically they use the phrase 'rights' to promote their cause. They say that WOMEN have rights to kill the baby in the womb.

Why? Because the woman has the right not to be hindered by an unwanted growth inside her. SO she has the right to kill the baby. It will slow her down and change her life.

So she as an adult human has the right to injure and murder a helpless baby human, no matter if it is male or female. So rob the rights of the helpless to give to the more powerful.

We as a society should be the EXACT opposite - helping the victims, the unprotected, the vulnerable - the babies.

Sure a baby will change your life - a lot. (see below)
Fact 3
I come from a life of how shall we put it, doing a lot of bad stuff and being very selfish.

One of my girlfriends opted to have an abortion. It was hard for me as though I wanted my independence I also wanted her to have the baby.

Looking back I can see that partly it was from my own hurt & controlling desires that I wanted her to keep the baby. Some would argue that she wasn't ready & I wasn't, therefore it was a good thing. I may have been abusive, we may have split up & then the baby would have a poor life.

Well that is true. But all speculation. And lets face it a hard life is better than no life surely? It doesn't get much worse than being cut up before you even get a chance to try!

I can also look at this from another point of view. A close friend was in the same position a few years ago and his girlfriend wanted to have an abortion. He convinced her otherwise, got his life together, bought a house and did what he could to be a better person, partner & father.

Now things haven't all gone well - in fact she left him and now she refuses to let him see his two kids. It is not an easy time for anyone involved. But this little girl has life and seeing her and him together have fun is amazing. To think that she was going to be killed is horrendous.

As hard as it is - the baby that I helped produce was killed and I never had the chance to meet him / her even once.

Thankfully I am forgiven for my part - a few years later Jesus Christ revealed himself to me. He took my punishment and forgave me. That doesn't mean it is not a sad occurrence from my past. It does not mean that it should have happened.

With the love & grace of God I am now married and have four children. I firmly believe that children should be protected, as should the vulnerable. (see below)

If you are considering abortion - please, please, please don't go through with it. You will not always see your partner or perpetrator, you will have the capacity to love, you will be able to find help. And you will have protected the vulnerable, innocent, precious baby inside you. And they will love you for it.
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Abortion is a cop out. Not just from your responsibility & facing REAL LIFE - but even in the word itself.

Let's be real - abortion is a word to 'protect' the hearer from the truth. Abortion is killing a baby. It is murder. Murder is wrong.

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Life is Created by God for us to choose what we do with it. We can waste our lives on ourselves, being selfish or even abusing others. These things are our choice. But God didn't give just adults life, hHe gave it to babies as well. And guess what - He is always on the babies side. The vulnerable, innocent, helpless is who He wants to defend.

If you find it hard to face the prospect of being a parent don't despair. Sure it is not easy and you will not get everything right but there can be huge changes.

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